Butterfly Snack (craft!)

Some of my favorite {little} projects are the ones we get to eat!

This past week we've been enjoying such warm spring weather and we put together a {little} butterfly snack to go with our butterfly finger puppets.

This a photo of the one that Kay made:

To make {this little project} start by 
cutting 2 circle crackers cut in half for the wings
(use a sawing motion to cut for best results)

cover the crackers with peanut butter 
(you could use marshmallow spread if you have an allergy) 

and then add rainbow chocolate covered sunflower seeds to the "wings" 

The "caterpillar body" in the middle is a gummy worm, of course!

 Jay decided to watch the praying mantis life cycle this year, instead of the butterflies we did last year.
 And good news!  
Our praying mantis egg (and the fruit flies to feed the baby mantises) arrived in the mail today!  

We have one excited little boy! 
 I'll have to let you know how {this little} science experiment turns out.  

I have a feeling we won't be making a look-a-like snack for them though ;)

1 comment:

SMMART ideas said...

Hey Jedda,

I am loving this Butterfly food craft idea!!!! My daughter wants to have a butterfly birthday party in the spring and this activity will be a perfect idea for the girls to make themselves..then eat!

Thanks for your great ideas!!!

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