Super Fun Science Kits

Right now Groupon has a deal for 50% off of their Magic School Bus Science Club Kits.  
These kits are perfect for helping kids enjoy science.  

They are also perfect to do over the summer break from school.  
Having ordered these before, this is a great price! 
Go check it out here.
(Look for "Goods Deals" once you are at Groupon and click on "more goods deals" where you will see the Magic Schoole Bus Groupon).

Earlier this year I got Jay a subscription to The Magic School Bus Science Club.  He seems to like science and I liked the idea of being lazy.  Actually, I loved the idea of not having to plan out any science experiences for him.

 A new kit comes each month with everything you need to learn about topics like magnets, weather, the human body, stars and planets, etc.

The kits are created by Harvard graduates and they looked like a great way to have fun with science.  That was about 4 months ago.  So how do we like the Magic School Bus Science Club?

We BOTH love these kits!

I love them because I don't have to think ahead and prepare anything and we can just jump in and learn about science.  They are well done, with great instructions and many activities in each kit.  Each comes with a booklet for Jay to record what is going on for each learning activity.

Jay (who is six) loves to see his special package arrive in the mail each month.  And then he can't wait to get started on it!
He looks forward to Ellie going down for her nap and science time starting.  Kay has loved getting involved too.  Jay loves doing these with me, but an older child could do many of the activities on their own.

So far, Jay's favorites have been making his own compass (with a magnet) and making our own petri dishes to learn about bacteria.

cool huh!

There are a limited number of them and only 2 days to go for this Groupon.  So don't miss yours!

Science with your kids doesn't get better than the Magic School Bus Science kits for half price! (Look for "Goods Deals" once you are at Groupon and click on "more goods deals" where you will see the Magic Schoole Bus Groupon).


Stephanie Hardin said...

I would love to take advantage of this, but I can't find it with the link or on groupon. Any suggestions?

Jedda said...


After following the link here you will look for "Goods Deals." The Science Kits are with the "Goods Deals" and there's a little link to the side that says "see all goods deals." Click on that and the Magic School Bus Groupon will come up. Confusing...but it's there! Have fun with them!

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