Valentine Candy Math {part 1}

The secret to learning at our house is to keep the kiddos excited.  And they always get excited when there is candy involved!  Their Valentine's Day loot is perfect for lots of math learning.

With Valentine's Day coming up I've been thinking about what games we will play this year.  I never take photos ahead of time, just during the real deal so these are some of our games from last year (in 2 separate posts)!

Greater than/Less than with Hearts: (an example with coins)

I love the idea of an alligator mouth wanting to eat the biggest number to show greatest.
It's the way I learned when I was {little} and so I play these kinds of games with my {littles} now.  And a heart is the perfect shape for it!

Depending on the age you are working with, you can change the greater/less than game up.  I did simple coins with Kay, more complex with Jay, and used groups of candy as well.  The kids turned the heart with the jaws to eat the one with more.  They loved it!

 Color matching/sorting with candy hearts.  We always graph these as well.

Sizing: small, medium, large:
This is great for toddlers and preschoolers. 
After you sort all the candy you can graph it too!

Any {little} project with a treat is extra fun!

Here are some of our other {little} candy math projects:
Valentine Math 2010
Halloween Math 2012
100th Day of the Year /Easter 2009

Look for part 2 of our Valentine Math soon!

1 comment:

MommytheTeacher said...

I love the valentines hearts and math combo. I remember when my seven year old was learning greater than less than and even now when she has to review it, she ALWAYS draw sharp teeth in the mouth and a half circle aroun the point and draws in a little eye at the top. She really gets into it. LOL thanks for sharing.

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