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OK, so I have something to admit: I don't have a single advent calendar. Why? How did this happen? Good question. But this year it is going to happen. Now, I know that today is December 1st, the day that you start USING your advent calendar. But I have just decided to make one. I am thinking that I will make a new piece of it each day and will have a complete advent calendar by the 25th!

Now, only to decide WHICH one to make...this has been more difficult than I thought. Treats, or not? To put something up, or take something down? Sacred or secular? Cutesy or not?  And for now...I'm not telling!!!

The end of my Advent Adventure is going to be a surprise. Yup. Pure Suspense for the next 24.5 days!

In the meantime, if you are trying to decide which ones to make, I'll share a few that I have come across. Can you have too many of these fun little calendars? Even if you already one, you will probably want to make another one after you see how awesome some of these are!

The tutorial to make this one is from The Purl Bee.

This gum one is just sooo cute and minty too! The tutorial is courtesy of my little mochi. She is so creative!

These are SUPER Kid-Friendly Christmas Advents.

I am thinking about putting magnets on the backs of this one and putting it in the bag for the kids to do at church. LINK

My son LOVES puzzles. This one could act as a puzzle or advent. We may use it for both. I cut the pieces out and put them in a page protector with the back sheet to keep everything together. LINK

These made me LAUGH-who thinks of using toilet paper rolls for advents?! But I have started to save my toilet paper rolls since the kids would love it... :) There are two! LINK and LINK

This one looks pretty easy to make. LINK

I think this is one I am going to have to try out too:

There are family photos on the back of each one. My friend Tanya made this-she's so talented!. She said she used:
a 16X20 frame (everything is attached to the cardboard that came in the frame)
Seasonal Scrapbook paper
family photos
photo corners (so you can change out the photos if you want to)
sounds like a FUN Little Project :)

Here are a couple of Origami advents LINK

And just in case that didn't give you enough ideas, whipup has a great big list with more ideas you can check out, and there are a bunch of cute ones HERE on Flickr too. I hope you feel inspired to have fun with your Little Project!

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Chrispy Critter said...

I am totally addicted! My kids are camped in front of the TV!

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