The Spirit of the Season

If you have little ones like I do, one of the fun things about the season is helping them discover the Spirit of the Christmas Season. That is also the subject over at the Talk to me Tuesday for Tip Junkie: How do you keep Christ in Christmas with so many "wish lists" floating around.

As a child I remember our house being filled with nativity sets from all over the world. My Mom collected them and displayed them so that no matter where you looked there was a reminder of what Christmas was really about. I am still building my collection. I thought this little cut and color nativity was just the perfect little craft for kids. It is a simple reminder about the greatest gift and the reason for the Spirit of the Season. It is a free one to print from Scrapbook Scrapbook.

If you have any ideas to add, head on over to Tip Junkie to contribute :)


elspeth said...

Last year we made a finger puppet nativity with Jocelyn for FHE. She loved it and played with it all night. This one looks beautiful. We'll have to try it this year.

Jenn said...

We put nativities all over my house too. My favorite on is in the center of our tree. We have the Nativity characters the kids colored on their first Christmas. We us these ornaments as our progressive Nativity. Joseph was a carpenter so once the tree is up he comes out. Marie was such a giving person so once we give out our neighbor gifts she comes out. The Shepard's come out after we have gone through our old toys and leave them with others, just like the Shepard's had to leave the sheep. The Angel after caroling or going to a concert. Three Wise Men once we go see the lights (following the star). And finally Christ comes out on Christmas morning.
I hope you don't mind a stranger leaving this info on your blog. I just wanted to share and I don't know how to do the linking thing.

CompleteLee Blogger said...

I started collecting nativity sets too and put them around the house. I wish I had a lot more.

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