Cupcake Christmas

There is one thing that I have an unexplainable fancy for: cupcakes!  I LOVE to make these fun little treats. I have a cupboard full of sprinkles and sparkles for them. These Christmas cupcakes were just too fun to pass up sharing them!  Many of these are simply photos from creative people on flickr.  There is also this LINK to all things cupcakes.  

If you build it...he will come!! he he :)

Are you feeling inspired to have some Christmas cupcake fun too?

Go on, have a little fun with your Christmas cupcake :)

Is it possible to have something so adorably yummy? I am going to the kitchen....This Little Project looks yum!


elspeth said...

These cupcakes are so cool! It's amazing what you can do with a cupcake. How did yours turn out?

Heather said...

The cupcakes are's making me want to eat some! I especially like the santa one.

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