Googly Eyes White Elephant Gift Exchange!

We have a Christmas Sweater Party to go to tomorrow and we are taking a white elephant gift. One of my favorite places to shop is Borders. I LOVE the bargain books section. The other day I was not disappointed when I visited there. I found the best white elephant gift (for $2!)

This is a book of pictures of googly-eyed things, and a bag of googly eyes to make your own! These photos are good for a laugh so I included some.

I had to try some of my own of course, see below. Seriously, it would be so fun to do a contest of the best googly eyes. Start thinking of some good ideas and stay posted! There will be a prize involved!

I thought it was fun to see a "Before" and "After" they got googy-eyed!
Here is BEFORE:

Here is the AFTER:

And Here are her sisters!

You can googly eyes to photos for a fun look, but I don't thing we will try it for our Christmas card this year :)


Messing with the Toy Box BEFORE:


Christmas Googlies! It's a Boy!

Don't play with your food!

Like Father, Like Son!

My Man Mozart!

We are going to have a rockn' White Elephant time! This may start a new tradition around here.....

Get your ideas flowing for the contest! Definitely a fun Little Project!


elspeth said...

I made a googled eye touch and feel book for Jocelyn when she was a baby. I covered pages of a board book with different scraps of fabric and then put two eyes on each page. It's amazing what google eyes can do! I'll have to think about my entry to you contest though!

belle said...

This post was definitely good for a chuckle. Thanks for posting, it made my day.

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