Project: Booking a Tradition

I have been thinking a lot about Christmas traditions this year. I think some traditions just happen, or develop over time. But I think that putting some thought into what we want to happen means it is more likely to happen. I started a notebook and started writing down my ideas and goals for the holiday (once I got going I started a section in my notebook for each holiday). One of my goals is to have memorable family time. Regardless of your religion, this can be a fun tradition.

When I got out all of our Christmas decorations I realized just how many Christmas books we had. So I put them in this nifty treasure box (from the Dollar Tree) and now we have a fun family activity taking turns choosing out a book and reading it each night.

We don't have enough for all 25 days, but I am sure our collection will grow over the years. In the meantime we can look for new favorites at our library. And right now we have a lot of board books in the collection. But as our kids grow those will probably be changed out too.

So far we have had a GREAT time together. Which is one of our goals, and the kids look forward to it each night. I've seen others who wrap up each book and put a number on it to match the day of advent. I didn't want to take the time this year and the box has worked great. Maybe when the kids are older we will wrap them to increase the mystery and fun.

Have a great time with your traditional little projects, and feel free to share some of your own ideas.
LINK for some Christ-centered ideas (and they are linked to this blog :) I especially love the link they have to THIS Christmas game. We just taught our son how to play "go fish" so I think we will be making This Little Project :)

Charitable idea here- LINK-I especially like the video on the right.


Pays said...

We actually do this as a family. On Christmas Eve, we open a new book to add to our collection. We really love it!

elspeth said...

I like this advent calendar the best!

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