After-Hunt Games

We had our final Easter Egg hunt today with our loot bags.  (I know it's after Easter, but it was today anyway and I have no idea why.) Anyway, when we got home we found that several friends had put stickers into our claimed Easter eggs and we started a little game of Egg Memory.

All you do is hide a 6 sets of matching things under the dozen halves of plastic egg pieces. We used matching stickers.

Then you lift 2 at a time to see if you have made a match! You can also play this with sets of jelly bean colors, but we had already eaten enough sugar around here with the hunt.  This is a fun way to reuse what you already have and extend the fun.

Enjoy This Little Game!

1 comment:

elspeth said...

Great idea! We'll have to try it. Another something fun is putting different things inside and shaking the eggs. The different stuff makes different sounds so you guess what's inside.

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