Edible Bird's Nest Treat

We made a yummy treat yesterday for FHE. It is a easy to make since it is just a glorified rice krispie treat.  This treat has melted chocolate too! Jay loved them because they were shaped like nests. Kay loved the birds (peeps) and Dad loved the eggs (malt robin eggs). 

To make the nests, you will need: marshmallows (I used the colored to help the nest have a darker shade) rice krispies or other cereal, chocolate and or butterscotch chips, 1 stick butter/margarine.

To embellish your nest you can use peeps for birds and robin eggs or jelly beans for the eggs.

See my previous post of survival tips for having a kid-friendly kitchen experience if you are including children in this little project.

Start with just a basic rice krispie recipe.  Since I made these with my kids, speed was key.  Did you know you can make them in the microwave?  Put the marshmallows and stick of butter or margarine in a large glass bowl in the microwave.  Every microwave is different.  I cooked mine for about 2 minutes in there (just watch for the melting and growing marshmallows.)  {Little Project Kid-Cooking Tip:} Kids can help pour and stir these 2 ingredients.

Then take it out and stir the marshmallows and butter/margarine together (the marshmalows shrink back down here.)

Next add your rice krispies or other cereal in and stir.  The amount of cereal you add in depends on how "marshmallowy" you want them to be.

Now rub butter across your cookie sheet (so the nests don't stick to it) and all over your hands and you are ready to start forming your nests.  I made little balls first so that they would be compacted tightly:

Then I used my thumbs to push down the middles and form them into nests.  In this photo you can also see the butterscotch chips that I melted and spread into the middles of the nests.  If I hadn't done these with the kids I would have also melted chocolate chips to drizzle over the whole nest to make them even more brown.

Now the kids can help add the birds and eggs into the nests
And there you go.  A happy yummy springtime treat!

Enjoy tasting This Little Project!


Andrea said...

What a clever idea. I love it! Your friend's blog looks like it has some great recipes. Thanks for posting that link.

elspeth said...

We are totally making these for Easter! Thanks!

Amy said...

Jedda - I love your blog and wanted to give you a blog award! Go to my site http://simplemessyfun.blogspot.com/ and see all the details. Keep posting all your awesome ideas!

claw said...

This is a cute idea. Kay just gets cuter everyday.

Kari Sweeten said...

I am so making these for our Easter egg hunt on Saturday! Thanks for this fab idea.

Jessica said...

those are really cute. i love the idea of adding the peeps bird. we might have to try this, though i am rice crispy treat disabled and can't make them. i could shape some prepackaged ones, though. :)

Unknown said...
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