The Loot Bag (courtesy of the Junk Box!)

So what can you really get out of a "Junk Box"? Lots of FUN! (Oh, by the way, to make sense of this post you will probably want to read the one posted right before it first ;)

Here's what came out of ours yesterday:

Remember those little handies I mentioned were good for organizing the junk box? Remember how they came in a pack of four bags? And what was holding the bags? A container that went into our Junk Box. These little see-through bags also come with bedding and other things. I love them because you can see what is inside. Most bags aren't like that.

Kay has both bags on-Jay's is mailbag-style and hers is purse-style.

All I did was sew a strap on from our Fibers bag (scraps from a sewing project and a piece of Dad's old jeans)...


So easy. So fun. So fast.

Look how much FUN came right out of the Junk Box (for free!)

I hope I have made a believer out of you. The Junk Box is a beautiful thing {now that it's organized!}

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