Marshmallow Finger Puppets are YUMMY!

It's after Easter and there is so much sugar at our house. We decided to put on a little puppet show. There will be many stories told by these little creatures.

We used marshmallow shapes, Peeps, and Brach's marshmallowy treats. The pretzels make it easier to hold onto them.

We've got a good cast too, complete with scenery:

First we used coloring pencils and crayons...and then cutting and glue stick.

Here is the cast of the puppet show in action!  Since our story was after lunch and just before naptime, the end of the play was about taking a nap-perfect!  Jay had fun naming all the characters.  Kay said, "goodbye" to each cast member when it exited the "stage".
Perfect for little fingers :)

And when the story is over, the treat is on hand. The salty mixed with the sweet...YUMMY!
Happy storymaking with a Little Project treat.


elspeth said...

This post is so cute! It is my new favorite. The backdrop is great. I can see them having so much fun playing with and then eating this one.

Heather - said...

Cute idea!! I love finger puppets, and edible ones are even better!

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