A Store for the Village

We completed more of our village store this week with the grocery store.  I am realizing that we only have one month left here in our summer home-away-from-home and I find myself thinking we have a lot more village to create in just a month.  The store started out looking like this:

These are little bird houses.  My Mom picked these up at Joanne's for me and said they would be perfect for our village.  She was right :)  They are slowing turning into different places in the village.

I used a dremel tool to carve out the back of each house and to cut off the little bird "perch" in the front.  You can tell I don't get much practice with this little tool (I always just borrow one.)
But it turned out to be the perfect size for our village people.

For all the grocery store "products" I cut apart the newspaper ads from the stores and put them on with modge podge (a layer under and a layer over each of the pictures.)  I guess our store is basically wallpapered on! 
The back of the store has the produce, and another side has the snacks.
The inside shows eggs, breads, cheese, milk, juice, etc.  I'm seeing it as a fun way for us to learn about the food pyramid and talk about different kinds of foods and where they come from.  

The "STORE" letters are just to work on word recognition.  Jay glued the scrabble letters onto popsicle sticks. 
You can may be able see that there is also a little carrot garden next to the store.  It adds a little "farmer's market" feel to the grocery store.  The carrots are sewn down so they can't get lost but they can be "picked" from the garden.  
The Store is open for business...
I hope to add some flowers too, and some berries since we picked some of those up too at the farmer's market today.  Hmmm...makes me hungry just thinking about it :) 
If you want to build a village too, feel free to check out past posts about the village and making roads.  It's been a great "open-ended toy" to encourage lots of imagination!

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Clemencia said...

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