Rice Krispie Treats+mix-ins!

We just made (and ate) the yummiest Krispie Fruit Treats. I will never do just "traditional" Rice Krispie Treats again!
Think of vanilla ice cream. Mix-in your favorite fruit...even better right? That is the idea behind these treats that we made from this great kids cookbook I received from the publisher to review with my kids and share with you: Junior Leagues In the Kitchen with Kids: Everyday Recipes & Activities for Healthy Living

****Don't think that just because it's geared so that kids can do the cooking that adults won't like them!  My husband and I ate most of them!****

The Junior Leagues In the Kitchen with Kids Cookbook is where we got this fantastic way to make these rice cereal treats even tastier, and healthy too! 

Want to know the secret? 

Add some dried fruit into your recipe. The cookbook suggests dried blueberries and sunflower seeds-yum! What a great way to add some great nutrition into a recipe that kids can make and will love to eat!  Any dried fruit would be tasty!

I'm a fan of following recipes, but when I smelled those yummy craisins and raisins going into ours I just had to add some chocolate too to give it just a little bit of the chocolate covered fruit taste.  I added around 1/3 cup of mini chocolate chips....yum!  {Little Project Tip:} If you add the mini chocolate chips do it last and don't stir too much.  Otherwise the chocolate melts and you will get brown treats.  I can imagine the dried mangos from Costco being sooo delicious in this recipe too!  

The favorite part for my kids?  To make it even more kid-friendly (my kids are 3 and 1 year old) we put the margarine and marshmallows into a glass microwaveable bowl for around 2 minutes.  They LOVE watching them expand and "grow" in the microwave.  No stove to get burned on and they can stir them together with the crispy rice cereal with just a little help afterwards.

Another great idea from the Junior Leagues In the Kitchen with Kids Cookbook is this:
Cut your treats out with a cookie cutter.  We are liking elephants around here lately and the bits of fruit are fun to make a face with.

We have had a great time trying out recipes in the In the Kitchen with Kids Cookbook. It is full great new recipes and fun twists on the classics as well.  
These recipes are the kind kids like to make and kids like to eat.  The Bonus: adults will like them too and they are healthy recipes (I added the chocolate :).  I can recommend it to you because we've had so much fun cooking with this cookbook and my kids like to eat what we've made too!  It's a great cookbook to have on hand and it helps you "see" what kids really can do to cook in the kitchen.
  Enjoy adding healthy dried fruits and other yummy mix-ins to your Krispie Treats too!

For more {Little Project Tips} of how to let your kids help in the kitchen, check out Survival Tips for Kid Friendly Cooking. There are also more fun things to do with your kids in the kitchen in the "Fun with Food" left sidebar link. Enjoy cooking with your kids!

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Company EIGHT said...

Hey there! I just found your blogs from your comment on Erica's blog! Love all your fun ideas!!

We love Rice Krispie treats here too, and one of our favorite things to do is add in flavored chips (chocolate, butterscotch, PB) to the marshmallows and butter when they're melting. We then add more chips with the Rice Krispies. Try the melted PB chips with chocolate chips...yum!

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