Friday Favorites and Freebies-Autumn Edition

Happy Friday to you!  I hope you find something to fit your fancy!

Check out this link for pumpkin patches in your area.

Here are some free printable paper dolls with several sets of clothes-including costumes for the season-I love the expressions on their faces!

These paper pumpkins are darling and great for centerpieces.

Choose from a variety of FREE e-books on various crafting projects like sewing, knitting, etc.  You could make some great autumn decor with a new skill!

Carve a pumpkin without any mess (my kids love this!)

 Be sure to grab a "I've been featured button if you made the list today!


Jennifer said...

Jedda! I went nuts with the paper pumpkin idea! Michael's now loves me! I made 10 of them tonight and threw them all over the above area of my cupboards. I'll send you a pic. Thanks so much. I love your websites!

Jedda said...

Jen! So fun to hear from you and it looks like they turned out AMAZING! Thanks for saying hi!

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