Friday Favorites and Freebies-House Edition

Friends, I have big news! We are buying our FIRST HOUSE! I've been combing the web for fun ideas in decor, storage, and more. In celebration, here are a few fun findings to share on this fabulous Friday!

Need a corner shelf? Look no farther than your closet door! A neat idea!

If you have a fabric obsession like I seem to (thanks Mom!) you'll love this idea for storing fabrics! hint: the Dollar Tree store is the least expensive place to find the foam board :)

Luckily, we don't have a big remodel on our hands, but this one will knock your socks off!

Looking for a FUN way to display your books? Check THIS out! (And it's cheap too!) And try out this one too!

Do you have old countertops? If so, CHECK this out! Amazing!

Try out these PB look-a-like pillows too-way CUTE!

Have an old dictionary? Have fun decorating in at least 6 different ways HERE!

HAve a Fantastic Weekend!

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Judi said...

Hi Jedda!

It looks like we get to send you a postcard in the International postcard swap! Although I'm not sure how international we are since you and I are just neighbors! We are in Indianapolis!

We are a family of six (four kids) who homeschool! Your blog looks like a lot of fun! We are always on the lookout for new projects. (We are LDS too.)

Stop by my blog if you'd like . . .

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