Stilts for Dr. Seuss

We love an excuse for a party!
Dr. Seuss's birthday (March 2nd)
is a great excuse to party and cuddle up and read together too!

We've been busy doing {Little Projects} to get ready for another party: 
Little Ellie is turning one soon! 
 Stay tuned for some fun {Little Projects} I've been doing for her!

 We've enjoyed a new (to us) book of Dr. Suess's called, 
The King's Stilts

 Ellie has been busy getting her own stilts working and she's walking everywhere now! Now that she's a upright and taller she can get into even more messes!

Since Ellie's almost one, another {Little Project} I've been doing is weaning her.  That has meant we have a few formula cans for our Invention Box.

You'll find those in {This Little Project} of Seuss Stilts:

To make {This Little Project} you need:

2 formula cans (13 oz size)  I found that these are nicer than tin cans because their top surface is bigger and they are easier to control and walk on.

a nail


shoe laces or yarn (long)


paper to wrap around (and color/decorate if you wish) 

We have wood floors (that we try not to scratch up too much) so I put the plastic lid as the surface that goes on the floor.

Decorate your cans with paper and color.

Then, simply hammer the nail about 1.5 inches from the bottom of the can on each side.  Make the hole big enough for your shoelace or yarn to go through.

Put the string through both sides (see photo)

Tie a knot to hold on to as they walk.

And there you go!  Hours of fun coordination-building clomping around like a King!  

My kiddos also like to hang them around their neck and bang on them like drums.  But I didn't show them that :)

For a fun printable unit on Dr. Seuss to enjoy with your kids 
check this out at What the Teacher Wants.

We are also going to be making some of
these printables from Michaels today!

And we'll be eating {This Little Project} for lunch!

Have a Happy {Little Reading Project}!  

p.s. There's more Dr. Seuss fun in the archives!
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