Snowflake Party!

My friend Andrea invited me and the kids over for a Snowflake Party yesterday. Since my little boy is still sharpening his scissor skills we did some practice snowflakes the day before. I found a bunch of great ideas to share about snowflakes and how to make some really fun designs. 

We made a great big mess (standard with any of our little projects) both at our house and at Andrea's.  Bonus: a snowflake party makes its own confetti too! Add some hot chocolate and you are in for quite the treat. It was so fun-thanks Andrea for the great idea and all the fun! Also, in all this snowflake making I made some fun SNOWBALLS! Look for a tutorial coming soon!

Have you wondered about how snowflakes are made?  Here are some fast facts.

This snowflake curtain makes a perfect backdrop for your winter wonderland! There are paper snowflakes for kids. And then there are paper snowflakes for adults. I've included links both so that everyone gets to have fun :)

These are the WOW! kind. Make one of these for a friend and their jaw will drop. There is a tutorial Here. For added inspiration check out the flickr "The Great Paper Snowflake Group"

We had fun creating colorful paper snowflakes by using double-sided scrapbook paper. It is a fun twist on the traditional white ones. Here are some patterns for the kids to get you started. And a VIDEO tutorial.

If you love crochet, you will love creating this kind of Winter Wonderland

Here is a fun way to do homemade snowflake window clings

If you want to add some 3D snowflakes do these with beads, pipe cleaners, and pom poms! The kids could help you make these snowflakes. Hang them from the ceiling for a fun affect.

This is a fun tutorial for a snowflake garland cut from newspapers!

Wouldn't you just love to have these snowflake soaps beauties in your soap dish!

We had a fun time creating a winter wonderland with This Little Project, hope you do too!  Look for the snowball tutorial soon!  


Shawny said...

Cute blog Jedda with lots of fun ideas!

elspeth said...

Wow! I can't wait to have a snowflake party!

elspeth said...

o.k. After reading this blog I sat down and made about 10 snowflakes. They're up on my wall. Thanks for the good time!

Anonymous said...

wow wow wow~ soo cool!!!!!

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